Friday, November 20, 2009

Lacy Love

Ok, so this beautiful woman you see is none other than Mrs. Tatum... Lace is a wonderful, Christ honoring friend who is one of those wives you strive to be like. Sometimes you fail in your attempts because of the standard put forth by her! She is excellent in all she does! She is a woman who seeks to make her house a place of comfort and refuge! She is a master of crafts, making everything she touches beautiful!

But most of all, she is wise! Searching out my convictions a few years ago, I spent many a nights snuggling with her, asking her questions, rooting out false convictions and building my own. She was one of the first people endeavoring to teach me how to think! She has blessed my life, she is a godly woman! She is Lacy Tatum!


  1. You make me cry! I am so honored! I love you, and I cherish and will NEVER forget living with you!! One of the best times of my life!

  2. That's awesome. Everyone needs a friend like that! I'm glad you have her.