Friday, July 20, 2012


As each day passes and we remain jobless, lies build in our head. God has left us. God is silent. He is punishing us. What is wrong with us??

This morning as God graciously drew my heart towards his, I sensed him say that he is asking David and me to believe his promises even though we can't see them coming true! Faith, right?? The assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of the unseen? This is how saints of old pleased the Lord. So, why can't I have faith?

I think this call is much higher than myself. I can't muster any thoughts of solidity or trust within myself, and if I do, they are but for a moment. The call to faith is a gift from God. God has to grant me faith. But, this call is not without action!

This morning, as I ran through my scripture memory, the verses that encouraged my soul to have faith also encouraged me to action. Let me explain. God says if we hear his words and put them into practice, we will have a strong foundation that can not be moved. God says he rewards those who earnestly seek him. He says, I will gain life if I lose my life.

David and I want, no, we crave a strong foundation and we crave some sort of reward and we so desire to taste life. A mist our wavering souls and shaken faith, God is asking us to look beyond that for which we see and reconcile ourselves to the unseen! Cling to his word!! Know and trust his word! His promises DO NOT come unfulfilled!!! He has not left us! He hears us!! Ye, though we walk through the valley, WE SHALL NOT FEAR!!!

My soul shall be clung to the word as with a babe to its nursing mother!! Lord, we can not see you providing, help us to trust!!!!!

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Our life undone!!!

We found out a few weeks ago that David did not get rehired from his job in Athens, Tn. At first, this was exciting because we had been talking about leaving Athens, and we knew God was shutting this door. But now I think we sort of feel like God booted us out the door.
We know God is good and that his promises are true, but our faith is somewhat shaken as each day goes by and each opportunity passes us up!
We stayed with David parents close to Knoxville for awhile, and then decided to stay at my mom's and try our hand at Nashville for a bit.
We visited Ray Ortland's church yesterday and as he spoke to David and me after church, the holy spirit really spoke to
David! He felt the spirit say that God might call us somewhere and it might cost us everything. An also that God is with us, that God has a plan and has not left us! We were truly encouraged! After church we talked to a couple, Allison and Nathan Smith. They are too fun!! And, they are from CCK. Tonight we will go to Howard Varnadoes house for our first care group meeting.
I am not sure if God is calling us to Nashville, Knoxville or Pennsylvania, but I sure can enjoy some Immanuel fellowship while we are here!!
David's new office is Starbucks! He goes everyday and feels out applications. This process is so long and tedious, and you can work all day and feel as if you have not gotten anywhere!!
Ak has seemed a little more timid. I'm not sure if this is from not having any roots right now or just a phase for her age.
David and I really feel that God has given us grace with each other through all this. I think normally we would be tempted to fight this out, but we have enjoyed and clung to each other!!
For the time we are trying to trust God in all of this. You can pray for our hearts that we would meet with him daily and allow his word to interpret our situation and not our emotions. Also, pray that God will open up doors for us where he wants us an as we wait that we will rest in him!!!

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