Thursday, January 14, 2010

What are your thoughts on cultivating a heart of thankfulness?


  1. well...i wish i had a thought...that would really help me in life!!! I am wondering the same thing, Katie,... how can I cultivate a heart of thankfulness?!?!?! it is so easy when circumstances are just "lovely" to be thankful...but usually, that is not the circumstance! One thing I have noticed in my life is I have been really critical lately of EVERYTHING will does/says. I take offense to things he says and quite honestly, I never give him the benefit of the doubt (think the best thing about him)...instead I always think the worst. i really really want to have a thankful heart and not be critical of others or my circumstances!!!i dont have an answer on how to do this exactly...just wanted to let you know i have really been struggling with that too. but God IS the one who changes us...maybe we could start there by asking HIM to delight in HIM alone

  2. Thanks for your vulnerability, Alicia! It is always helpful to know someone is going through the same things you are! Love you!

  3. Hey ladylou,
    Tough question though one we should probably all need to answer!!

    Mandy & I started going to a women's Bible study at our church. The first one was yesterday, and we are going through Nancy Leigh DeMoss' Through the Psalms. We covered Psalm 1 yesterday. Anyway -- our leader pointed out that everything in our circumstances may go wrong here, but we have the PROMISE that in eternity we will prosper.

    I guess that just ties into something I have been learning over and over this past year... that in the END, in ETERNITY, where everything matters, it will ALWAYS turn out okay.

    And that is something I can ALWAYS be thankful for. I may not be able to thank God for losses, or disappointments, or trials with a good heart all the time, but I can always find genuine gratefulness that in the end, it will be okay.

    Hang in there. :)

  4. Thanks Lace!! Great response! I love You!