Friday, December 16, 2011

My thoughts on this Christmas

Awake my soul from the unmoved,
apathetic and grayish room.
Where colors dull and drear exists,
anything but what causes bliss.
Why is this holiday so cheery,
I must explain my state of theory.
For once, thought I, it would be nice,
to celebrate what crowds think right.
Yes, Santa, stockings and even a tree,
these were the things that inspired me.
Then soon there was a debriefing you see,
when I realized my joy was not found in these!
But then I declared an all out war,
nothing holiday would come through my door.
Mary did you know that your baby boy
was not born on Christmas,
Did you know this holiday was first a pagan existence.
Bah Humbug Bah Humbug, that's what I'd say,
To celebrating any part of the day.
No happiness, no excitement, no presents around,
There went the baby with the water out of town!
Ok, Ok this is a bit dramatic,
but certainly I was quite apathetic.
After seeing some friends so happy with glee,
I realized there might be something wrong with me.
I restled my heart and attempted to pen,
why this holiday seemed so dim.
Then, once again, he awakened my soul,
to see the grace he did unfold.
Oh this grace, it is so rich indeed,
for a babe was born, the King of Kings.
God came down, in humility,
took the punishment meant for me.
Because he came, my soul is free,
I can rejoice in this babe a King!
Rise, my love, from thy sleep, awake,
He beckons for you to partake.
Not in getting joy from these earthly things,
but rejoice for His love has made these clean.
Get a tree, put it up and trim it well,
for your soul is freed from the pits of hell.
Rejoice, Rejoice, our God came,
he took our sin, he took our blame!
Merry indeed, Merry Christmas to you,
forever satisfied with this eternal truth.
HE CAME!!!!!!

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