Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stay at home Mom's tip

Warning!!!!¡¡¡¡ Great idea in 5...4...3...2...1 ok, so this post is to those stay at home Mom's who always feel like their housework is never done! First off let me say that it is true; it is never done, but that is ok. That is a gift of God's grace, after all the reason it is never done is because you have that special hunk of a man and those sweet littles to keep your life busy!!

Ok, now let's get down to the nitty!! I abhor, revolt against, hate anything that comes close to a schedule in my life (except for AK! I have to put her on a schedule), so when my amazingly beautiful friend, Joy Finch, started to share how she does housework with three kids under three, and when she said the 's' word, I felt my heart stiffen a little inside! But then... she explained how she does it. Mondays are "mopping Monday's" which means the only thing, let me repeat, the only thing she does all day is sweep and mop her floors. The same goes for "tidy tuesday". The only thing she does for that day is pick up everything that is out of place in the house. "Washing Wednesday" is designed only for washing your clothes. "Thorough Thursday" is specifically for deep cleaning bathrooms, maybe dusting, whatever needs to be deep cleaned. Friday is "frugal friday" where you plan your meals and coupon (I don't coupon!!). Ok, let me repeat that you only do what that day calls for.

My heart slipped into sublimity (did I just make up a word, nah). I think sometimes I can tend to feel imprisoned when is comes to scheduling, but this schedule really frees me in more than one way.

1. I don't feel like I have to clean my house all day every day. I have one specific task for one specific day. Even though there is only one task, it still takes all day to get these done; let me reassure you I am not sitting on the couch eating bon bons all day (Thanks s.sluss for this illustration!)

2. My house gets fully cleaned! I don't miss doing the floors for a month because I never got around to them.

3. I really struggle with wanting my house to be clean for company. This keeps me from cleaning everything spotless all day just to look good. Again, I only have one job for that day.

Thank you Joy Finch for simplifying my life!!!

Disclaimer: this method is not for everyone. Some people may like it and others not. This is just a tool!!!

Here is my version:

For your entertainment:

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  1. so great! it's nice to have something that help with motivating! daily goals def help me!

  2. love the idea!!! i want to do that when I am at home with baby e!! right now i think i clean my floors about 2 times per year... :-(