Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So, I guess I will do my DITL although it is not that interesting!!!

5:00 alarm goes off
5:15 David gets up and gets dressed while I get up and clean his coffee press out(sometimes with a bad attitude, sometimes not) (sometimes I hang out with him while he gets ready for the day).
5:30 David reads the word in the bedroom while I go back to sleep.
6:00 We say our goodbyes for the day, and I head back to sleep until 8:30 and sometimes 9:00.
8:30-9:00 I slowly wake up and realize my bladder is about to bust, and then little bit kicks and I run to the bathroom!
9:00 Make breakfast (egg on a piece of toast with either OJ or milk everyday). I sit on the couch with my breakfast open the computer and check gmail and facebook. Then I read my ESV online and journal about it. After this, my schedule is pretty much anything goes. Let's just say I incubate for little bit!
11:15 David and I video chat for about 30 min while he eats his lunch!!!
11:45 Do a little more incubation!
2:00 or 3:00 I get up and get ready for the day/hubby.
4:30 David gets home and either I have made dinner or we cook it together.
6:00-9:00 We have started playing cards lately, but during this time we also hang out, watch tv, and get David ready for the next day.
9:00 We get to bed and read a little bit. Lately David has been reading Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp and Humility by C.J Mahaney, and I have been reading Baby Wise.
Sometime between then David turns off the light and immediately somehow falls to sleep, I have a million things running in my head, so I usually accidentally wake him up talking to him. I don't realize he is already asleep!! This happens about 3 times a week.
9:00pm-5:00 I toss and turn, use the restroom about 6 times, try many different ways to sleep and snuggle to my hubby!!!

What a perfect life!!!

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  1. I was secretly hoping you would do this! Yay!

    I love being able to know the little details of your day! It's been so long since I was a part of your everyday! :)

    Rust can fall asleep in 5 seconds, and I tend to try to talk to him, too, even when he's incoherant.

    And... can't wait to see how your DITL will change by the Spring!