Saturday, August 6, 2011

Life overview

Lately, I have been thinking about our quality of life. Hubby is a teacher and I stay at home with our sweet baby, so we are learning more and more about being content with what we have. Paul says "I know what it is to have plenty and to suffer want." but that is just it... Although we don't have a lot, I don't feel like we are suffering want!!! This is partly due to our parents who provide so much for us, but I think also by God's grace, he has given us a contentment that has produced in us a love for our season, a love for each other and a love for knowing God more!

In this season I have been:
-enjoying cleaning and making our house a home
-making crafts (a lot of hairbows. These are for little Sophia Lashlee. I can't wait to meet her.)

-sewing tiny bit

-cloth diapering Little Bit

-reading the books Bonhoeffer and Running Scared (I think is what it's called)
Disclaimer to wives: although this sounds like a lot, let me reassure you- my couch has no room to sit on because of the piles of clothes I have to fold, the dress i have sewn already has a hole and is probably unraveling as we speak, the dishes need to be done, and I am walking around with pee on my pants from our cloth diapers leaking!!! I am just trying to say that God's grace has given me a season of contentment (for however short this may be).

David has been:
-starting school (the kids start on Tuesday)

-he is enjoying his team that he is on at school. There are four male teachers (one being his best friend) and three female).
-he is excited about this upcoming year and has really been enjoying brainstorming ideas for it! There are a lot of changes this year, so he is excited to see what happens.
-he is currently taking apart a computer

-he has also been enjoying jiu jitsu down here
-he too is reading Bonhoeffer
-we are both really excited about a small group starting up here in Athens! His principal will be leading it (how kind of God that David is working under a like minded, super encouraging, boss!!)

Alex Kate has been:
-rolling over every time she lays on her back
-saying the syllable bah a lot
-sitting up on her own
-sucking on her toe

Leg warmers!!!!

I may be teething??

Yeah for the hot dog ride at school! Yeah for my abba's awesome shirt.

I'm a pro at this sitting up thing

I like to sleep like my mama

Love me some cousin Lyric

Hope you enjoyed!!!

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  1. Hey! I so enjoyed your update and I am just loving the look of your blog. Its adorable! And yalls sweet girl is extra adorable!