Monday, October 5, 2009

What a woman!!!

I'd like to share with you a strong and encouraging woman! Joyce Hensley, David's grandmother. She recently passed away on Sunday the 27th of September. She had been living in a nursing home for about a year, as we slowly watched her mortal body decline, and in the later quickly. I want to share her with you, because she really encouraged my heart. Although she was not all there, she was the sweetest woman. I know some older women tend to get grumpy and agitated with age, this woman only got sweeter with age! I remember one time I told her, even though she probable had no idea who I was, "I love you", and she told me "Nuh uh, I love you because I am bigger."

They say she was such a godly woman, and that she was such a giving and thankful woman throughout her life. Her life displayed Christ even unto her death. It was sad to see her body go, but how excited I am for her that she is with Jesus now! I just wonder what her eyes are gazing upon! Death is gain!

Today is her birthday, and I want to celebrate her life!!!

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