Friday, July 20, 2012


As each day passes and we remain jobless, lies build in our head. God has left us. God is silent. He is punishing us. What is wrong with us??

This morning as God graciously drew my heart towards his, I sensed him say that he is asking David and me to believe his promises even though we can't see them coming true! Faith, right?? The assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of the unseen? This is how saints of old pleased the Lord. So, why can't I have faith?

I think this call is much higher than myself. I can't muster any thoughts of solidity or trust within myself, and if I do, they are but for a moment. The call to faith is a gift from God. God has to grant me faith. But, this call is not without action!

This morning, as I ran through my scripture memory, the verses that encouraged my soul to have faith also encouraged me to action. Let me explain. God says if we hear his words and put them into practice, we will have a strong foundation that can not be moved. God says he rewards those who earnestly seek him. He says, I will gain life if I lose my life.

David and I want, no, we crave a strong foundation and we crave some sort of reward and we so desire to taste life. A mist our wavering souls and shaken faith, God is asking us to look beyond that for which we see and reconcile ourselves to the unseen! Cling to his word!! Know and trust his word! His promises DO NOT come unfulfilled!!! He has not left us! He hears us!! Ye, though we walk through the valley, WE SHALL NOT FEAR!!!

My soul shall be clung to the word as with a babe to its nursing mother!! Lord, we can not see you providing, help us to trust!!!!!

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