Monday, March 1, 2010

Ode to David on our 2 year!

This is our two year anniversary,
oh how happy it makes me.
For we met and fell in love,
Oh the prince you are to me!

You are so handsome,
you do not know!
Sometimes I think your face,
it glows!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,
It makes me sing,
to see them tap
because you're the king!

I love your humor
it makes me laugh
Without it I'd be
lost on this path.

Wise you are
in so many ways.
Is amazes me all the
things you say!!!

With wisdom,
insight is so dear,
how do you know
my every fear?!

I love when small
things make you smile.
I love when we
just sit awhile!

Your leadership
I must exclaim,
God's gift to you,
his glory your aim!

The best teacher
for a thousand miles.
What one would give
for you to teach their child!

You give me grace!
I don't deserve!
You show Christ to me,
all these lessons learned!

I stand in awe
I stand in whoa!
So thankful that
you are my little Bilbo!!

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